5 ways you can start a conversation and chat with a girl on rich women dating sites

Lots of guys still find starting a conversation with a lady very hard. This is mostly due to them being shy or sometimes self-consciousness. Starting a conversation with a lady is what every guy has to learn how to do. But it may be a different case when she is the rich type. The class is already there. You have to be able to come up with something unique to catch her attention. Using the following tips, I will be teaching you how to start a conversation with a girl on rich women dating sites and carry her along as well.

  1. Tease her in a special way

It is high time guys stop to use chat up lines like “Hello”, “Beautiful Picture”, “How’re you doing?”, or “How’s your day going?” Don’t you think it sound cliché? Won’t you like to flip this around and go with comments like “You are too sexy for my liking, but I don’t date sexy girls.” Or “”I know must have been waiting all day for me to chat you up. So, here I am, to free your mind” *smile* “how are you doing?””

Starting a conversation in this way may look silly to a guy, but it works like magic. You have already shown to her that you are different from other guys by using that type of approach. Also, it makes you more attractive to her because by making fun of her, you have been able to give her the impression that you didn’t come to impress her like other guys do. What else can be more attractive to a rich girl than guys who didn’t come to flatter her like?

  1. Be Confident.

Confidence goes a long way. Exude an aura of confidence. You have no reason to get intimated only because you know she is rich. It doesn’t matter what you say. What matters is the way you express yourself. Someone can chat her up using the above lines and seem arrogant, while another person will put it in such a way that she has no option than to respond. Let her see that the confidence is actually there. The right way to go about this is making fun of her in a polite manner.

  1. Talk Intelligently

You have no reason to say anything nasty. Rich girls have seen it all. Why then should you waste time trying to impress them? All you need to do is to make sense of everything you discuss with her. Get reasonable information concerning every subject you can lay your hands on. Make her see you as a potential date.

  1. Use Poetry

As the conversation goes on, chip in some poetry. Nothing stops you from making use of lovely, romantic poetic expressions as a way of telling her how you feel.

  1. Show Concern

It is a conversation and not and examination. You don’t need to bombard her with so many questions. Allow her to tell her more about herself. Listen to her.  Ask for her opinion. Chat about things that connect both of you.

It surprises me that many guys are still frightened about learning how to start a conversation with a  girl on rich women dating sites. But why should it be a scary process? How will you possibly make her like you without chatting her up? All you need to do is to follow the above-mentioned tips and you will be able to get the ball rolling within a short time!