I met a gentleman on a plane recently who was travelling to the UK to see his long term partner. It seemed that they had been together for over twelve years and that he regularly returned to the United Kingdom to see her. However as she had three children from a previous relationship and at no point since they met had she really considered moving to Spain to be with him. It seemed that he would travel home to the UK once a month and then return to Spain to work in his property rental and gardening business. So far so normal.

And, it must be said, so mouth watering for a Madam like me who runs a high class escort agency working to represent high class Marbella escort girls. Someone like him must be a prime target for my escort agency business. So, needless to say, I gave him one of my business cards. But the story was only just getting interesting. And as it progressed he became even more interesting to me both as a client and as a person.

The reason being that he then went on to say that he also had a partner of 15 years in Spain who he lived with when he was not in the United Kingdom. He had been with this lady when he had met and fallen for his love who lived back in the United Kingdom. OK not quite the norm, but we all know that it happens and he is just left to hope that never the two ladies should meet. He seemed to think that everyone was happy in their innocence of the situation and he wasn’t going to change it anytime soon. A compartmentalised life in 3 parts… yes you guessed it he also had a lady love in France as he often travelled there to work with an old colleague who had set up a property business there. All I can say is that this man must have been the “Duracell Bunny”.

As I said, he was suddenly even more exciting as a potential clients. Any man who can keep three women romantically and sexually satisfied has got to be interesting to a person running an escort agency. He is quite likely to have a bit of excess energy and little conscience about using it. Hoorah!