Age and love


               We see plenty of couples everyday, couples that love each other and sometimes we wonder if love really depends on certain aspects? We see pairs where she is taller than him, or he has many more kilos that her, or maybe we see women with younger boyfriends and men with younger girlfriends. We live in a world where the society judges, where couples should be in a certain way, where women seeking men should be all about finding someone similar with them, same or appropriate age, so that people should not stare when they go out holding hands.

            The reality is that we are mature people and we need to be all into mature dating. It doesn’t matter that I have few extra kilos more than my boyfriend and that he besides the fact that is thinner is also much taller than me with almost 15 centimeters. If he loves me he does because he was attracted the way my hair looked the day we first met, because we have lots of things that we could talk about every day since then and all those little things that I made him fall in love with me.


            We see a lot of couples where the age difference is a problem. If we see a man with a young girl we start of making remarks like “he could be her father” or “she is so young for him; more than sure she is after his money”. And the same is when we see older women with younger men. Well, hello, we live in a free country. And each other is free to choose the one to have besides him or her. There are even all kind of articles where it is explained why younger people choose older ones and vice versa.  Like, for example, girls choose older men because they need to fulfill some lack of parental love. Well, probably they need to complete only the need for love. There are many cases and so many reasons for which people chose for those they want to have a relationship with. But we can’t put them all in the same pot. Love is a beautiful feeling and we all search for it. You know that there really are people that are attracted only by older people? They pure and simple don’t feel attraction for people of their same age. They can’t explain it why, they just do. And it is nothing wrong, it’s just a way of being. It’s like you ask someone why he enjoys apples? He can’t give you a reason. He only does. We can’t judge couples like this and we shouldn’t, because is not our place to do that.

            We are mature, we make our own decisions and we are the only ones that have to worry for our future. We should not care about what people think because after all they aren’t perfect like no other person is. We live our life in our way so that each day to be a happy day. So make your choices following you hart, not by considering the people around you.