Beautiful Filipina Women and Their Characteristics

It is no secret that Filipina girls are one of the most beautiful ladies out there. That reason may also be attributed to the continuous success of the Philippines dating industry that is flocked with foreign men looking for Filipina girls.

Just a disclaimer, women of all races are beautiful in their own way but since MizzFilipina has Filipina ladies and Philippines dating niche, we will be taking special focus on these wonderful ladies and their characteristics that make them stand out.

They are all smiles

The latest survey by US-based firm Gallup International ranks the Philippines as the 3rd happiest country in the world, coming in after Fiji (1st) and Colombia (2nd). Even with the prevailing poverty-stricken status of the country, a lot of Filipinos learned to surf with the tides with ease, keeping a smile at all times.

Your Filipina girl will be just like that. She’s good at keeping her spirits up no matter how much bad news she gets and she’s even better at doing the same to the people around her. She will be your energizer at all times and then you’ll know that you got a good catch.


Still with the poverty factor in the country, most Filipinos are taught early on how to persevere on various things, starting out with helping in household chores as kids. When they grow older, they bring this adamant push to stay on top of it all to work and can keep a stable job and steady flow of income.

Like a “delicate flower”

Asian women are known to be delicate flowers than their Western counterparts. Not to say that they are weak or fragile, but they are rather reserved with their actions and speech that just makes them even more attractive to men. These traits complement well with a man’s macho personality, somehow giving a yin and yang effect to their relationship.


Familial relationships are held on with notable respect in the Filipino culture that is why your Filipina girl will definitely be the woman of the house. She’s naturally good at doing household chores like cleaning and cooking, running the household by taking care of you and your kids, and even managing the finances without much difficulty.

A Filipina lady is a natural with keeping her family in good condition and absolutely cherish the time she spends and efforts she put in for she knows she is also loved by her family.


Even with the common destitute status in the country, a lot of Filipino women are actually literate. This third world country places high value for education for all genders and it is no surprise that a lot of women here are educated and are more than capable of supporting a family while in school and after they graduated. It is also not uncommon to find Filipina girls who have Master’s or PhDs as they are that determined to reach the top.

Perhaps, this certain characteristics may be owed to the Filipinos’ vigor to conquer their daily struggles and that is why they value education for their children believing it to be the greatest tool to succeed in life.

Fiercely Independent

Even if these ladies are “delicate flowers”, they certainly know how to take the center stage and keep the limelight on them. A lot of young and single Filipina girls are able to support their families all on their own and continue doing so even after they get married. They are ambitious and appraise their role in the workplace often getting well-deserved promotions and other work perks. This is most especially that they are well-educated and are raised to fight for their rights.

Total social butterflies

Every Filipino love a casual Friday after-work hangout with friends and colleagues or a weekend family gathering. A lot of them are used to chatting it up and even with the first-handed shyness that you may notice, they are very friendly and accommodating to their friends and guests.

You’ll find it true that Filipinos are known for stellar hospitality and are good at making everyone feel at home.

Beautiful inside and out

With the internationally famous Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach and Liza Soberano who is voted as the “World’s Most Beautiful Face”, every Filipina is simply stunning when you get to meet one in person and get to know them better eventually. With the beautiful Asian genes laced by centuries of Western blood, they end up being breathtaking beyond words. Pair this up with the other items mentioned on this list, and you will feel the luckiest man alive.