Brangelina is Now Angelina and Brad

By now unless you live under a rock you’ve heard that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are divorcing after a decade and six kids together.  The breakup was allegedly the result of some type of altercation where the children were involved.  The rumor mill being what it is, reports vary as wild as the oldest child having to step in to stop Brad from harming Angelina to it was a simple yelling match on the plane. What we do know as fact is that Angelina asked for sole custody and that child services have been involved.  Beyond that we’ve heard that Jennifer Anniston will be subpoenaed to discuss his “anger issues” and that they are currently arguing over who gets the engagement ring. Whether this is true or not true we may never know.  Image result for Brangelina is Now Angelina and Brad

These are very high profile, monied people who have done their best to stay out of the gossip rags during their marriage, their divorce will most-likely go the same route.

That said, filing for a divorce brings up a very relevant point about divorce and that is how often they occur because one parent feels the other partner or parent is no longer parenting in a way that he or she feels comfortable.  When a child or children’s welfare is at stake divorce proceedings can start rapidly with custody being decided relatively quickly.  

Divorce attorneys usualy work very hard to ensure that custody is not only fair but that it protects the child and his or her best interests in both the long and short term.  If you are a parent that feels a living situation is unsafe for children, you simply must act in their best interests.

Whether you go the online route, or in-person route, your legal team would be ready to help families create custody documents and settlements that are not only appropriate but also respectful.