Chat with your friends

The ever first system of chat was brought into use in year 1973, through a system named Tallkomatic, created by Doug Brown and David R. Woolley. It came to live on the PLATO system utilized for the first time at the University of Illinois. It brought out various channels that have the space of accommodating around five people along with messages appearing on the user’s screen. This was the very first concept of the chat room that has modernized over time and has left to rise of many chat room apps.

Added Features to the Chat room:

The free chat room of the new era comes with a Visual touch. This adds the 3D effect to the chat making the chat room a visual chat room. This brings in the use of graphical presentation of the user with a unique avatar. Such a chat room may compensate a group of people and utilize on couple of fields such as education and media communication. Chat rooms add graphics to the chat encounter with many other added features.

Some free chat rooms also bring in the fun chat by adding yet another amazing feature. That is incorporating the video and audio feature to the chat. So people who are online can both hear and see each other. This is not done as the free chat room brings to its user the fun of games, Yes, the chat rooms are also used for the gaming. People can connect to each other for playing games and maintaining a competition online.

There is a whole list of free chat rooms available at a click with good internet. One of the finest means of Chat with your friends at long distance and also a node of connecting new people. Below we have lined up some of the best apps providing free chat room facility.


Mocospace, one of the fastest growing free chat room apps is famous amongst many users. One has the chance to meet up new people situated all around the globe. And just like any other socializing site, one can set a good profile photo onto a personalized profile and enjoy customized themes with premium features.


Yet another free chat room is available with Twitch. It is one platform that brings people together and known as one of the famous apps. People here, can either chat one to one or even in groups. This chat room also comes with a gaming zone where people can compete games and keep a score check.


It is another free chat rooms available at It is good and easy to use with a quick accessibility at any mobile set with a net facility. This app, like many other chat rooms allows one to connect on a personal level or add people to do a group chat.

Back to back, many apps are available online that allows user to socialize and connect with the masses and have a good time with free chat room.  All one need is a net connection and to download the app.