Does it serve anything to cover the camera of your computer?

It may seem somewhat seedy and paranoid, but a sticker on the camera of your pc can save you from some other upset, in the event that a hacker infects your computer. It’s very simple, if nothing is seen, nothing is heard, the hackers attempt to violate our privacy will be useless. Experts in combating cybercrime recommend taking this simple step, especially in computers that we can have in our room or for private use.

Whether in the office or at home, you have noticed that many people choose to cover the camera of their computers and laptops, even those who are used to watching live webcam girls. Why?

Even Marc Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook, uses a laptop in which the camera and microphone appear covered with adhesive. If this method so homemade is used by the most techies and professionals of the virtual world, something effective should be, right?

Well that’s the way it is and, according to experts in cybersecurity and computer science, it’s a very useful and recommended option, even though you have a very powerful antivirus and tools against Trojan attacks on your computer.

Why should we cover the camera?

Maybe, without your being aware of it, your computer has been exposed to some malicious software, malware or Trojan. That is, cybercriminals who want to enter your pc to steal information and ask for a ransom. Antiviruses are increasingly more efficient and sophisticated, but even so, a hacker can find a way to attack your privacy.

When a computer is infected with malware it is very possible that we are exposed to possible intrusions through the use of RATs (Remote Administration Tools). These tools, managed by cybercriminals, can handle our PC without us being aware of it and activate our webcam and microphones. The intentions of hackers can be very varied, they can try to get compromised information and blackmail you to destroy it, or make intimate recordings and try to sell such videos in illegal virtual spaces. If you notice anything suspicious, do not access private information from that computer, activate the antivirus and consult with an expert in cybersecurity. It may be convenient to format the computer and take some preventive measures, such as changing your passwords or deleting folders stored on the device.