Does Relationship and marriage Counselling Help or Not?

Does marriage counseling really work? This is the major question of many people these days. The answer greatly differs depending on a few factors, which includes the depth of a marital problem, a person’s willingness to change and how well he/she responds to the counselor’s techniques. Let the figures about marital counseling provide you lots of guidance and information to answer the question. And, you can use these statistics whether you should refer to a marriage therapist or not.


  • Marriage counseling consumes a smaller amount of time than personal counseling

Statistics revealed that couples therapy is normally more effective and faster than individual or personal therapy alone. When a couple attends the therapy together, chances of working on group dynamic can be expected and above all, having a successful counseling can be achieved. Usually, it only takes around a third less sessions to attain a goal in couple’s therapy. Meaning to say, you will only spend small amount of money while getting your marriage back on track at the same time.

  • Most of the time, emotionally focused therapy is a great help

You can never find any magic formula just to fix your broken relationship. But, many counselors have had remarkable success using a sort of therapy known as Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). Yes, marriage counseling can work well when EFT is used by the couples when resolving the problem. This type of modern tool works by assisting a couple recognize and understand their emotional reactions to particular things. Working with the emotional cycles of a couple can help them come to a wide understanding of each other. This process can help them establish new series of interaction. Also, it has revealed that ninety percent of couples who refer to EFT have reported critical developments in their relationship.

  • High rates of happy and satisfied patients

According to study, couples who have attended couple counseling sessions specify high rates of patient satisfaction. More than ninety-eight percent of surveyed couples have stated that they acquired excellent or good couple’s therapy. And, more than ninety-seven percent of those surveyed stated they attained the assistance they required. Ninety-three percent of patients indicated they had more productive tools when dealing with their problems, be it small or big. The capacity to work better and developed physical health can also be expected to achieve after attending marital counseling.

  • Working with a reliable and licensed marriage therapist is commonly low-cost than seeing a psychiatrist or psychologist

It’s no secret that many couples feel worried about money and other things when they start attending the therapy. Some may provoke not to try the therapy because of the money they need to spend, aside from the time and effort. Fortunately, relationship and marriage counselling has been offered for every couple. This is an excellent option if you want to avoid additional stress, because many marital counselors engage their patients to use their insurance as a payment for therapy. Indeed, a convenient one! But what if you’re insurance doesn’t cover the expense of marital counseling? Well, not a big thing! Find a professional therapist who has equitable rates. Turning to a reliable and licensed marriage therapist will let you spend twenty to forty percent less than you would if you’d chosen to work with a psychiatrist or psychologist.


Sessions for children of separation and divorce are available and permissible as well. It is highly important that parents realize that an annulment both affects the couple and children, other than family members of that marriage. That is why marital counselling should be considered in any aspect of your marriage, especially if you know that things are not going well between you and your partner.

Marriage therapists have the right knowledge and tools to help every couple deal with their problems, both big and small. They will guide you throughout the whole session to make sure you and your partner have deep understanding of the situation. Contrary to what others believe, marital counseling is something that couples should not be overlooked as it helps them build a healthier and stronger relationship.

If you are suffering from marital difficulties, you need to commit yourself to take every reasonable effort to keep your marriage healthy, which includes depression counselling services in Castle Hill. A happy and strong marriage needs a strong commitment to the very substance of that marriage.