Essentials for throwing the best bachelor party of all time

No matter who you are, as long as you are a male, you will almost certainly, at some point in your life, be asked to act as the best man at a wedding. It could be a friend, a family member or a work colleague, that is almost irrelevant. At some point, it is going to happen. And, aside from standing at the front of the church with the groom and holding the ring, one of the most important aspects of the role will be organizing the bachelor party – the last celebration of freedom, the last opportunity for the groom to party like a wild-thing, before he is marched down the aisle and turned into a husband. It goes without saying that anyone tasked with organizing bachelors will want to make it a special occasion. So, with that in mind, here are a few simple tips to ensure that it both lives up to expectation and stays in the memory of those who attended for years to come.


A good bachelor party should always involve some sort of nudity. And while many of these parties will end up with the groom himself removing his kit, ideally it should be a female who gets naked. Topless bars, lap dance palaces, and strip clubs are the places that should be investigated. Certainly, if you are looking for female strippers Brisbane has several locations that will fit the bill. Contact your establishment of choice before the time to make sure that they will be open and have space available. Also, let them know that you are coming for a bachelor party and ask if they have any packages available to ensure that the evening is properly memorable for the groom. Almost certainly the management of the venue will make a plan for you.


This is a simple rule of parties – alcohol lubricates fun and without it, any party has the potential to end up quite staid and boring. We are not saying that you all need to be fall-down drunk, but whatever you do and wherever you are, you need to make sure that there is a steady flow of booze available throughout the night. If you are hosting at your house, then make sure that you have over-stocked. If you are at a venue make sure that there is plenty of cash available on the card from which the tab is run. Nothing kills the fun quicker than running out of alcohol before the party has run its natural course.

No time for no fun

Look at the guest list and be smart about who you invite. Traditionally a bachelor party is open for all the male guests who will be at the wedding. But there is plenty of scopes to kick tradition out the door and go with what works. If there are people who are complete strangers (think partners of some of the bride’s guests) then leave them out. You don’t want stiff and awkward moments of getting to know strangers. Leave out the prudes and the puritans. The grandparents don’t have to be included if they are too old-fashioned. The minister doesn’t need to be invited if he is going to feel the need to say a prayer before each lap-dance. You get the idea. Keep it fun and relaxed and the atmosphere will flow from there.