Everything You Need To Know To Host A Bachelor Party Vegas Style

Whether it’s for you or someone else, hosting a bachelor party Vegas style is really the only way to go. There’s so much to see and do throughout the evening, and you want to make sure you are planning for everything. You need to think of every angle so that there’s nothing forgotten.

The Location

When it comes to having a bachelor party, Vegas is certainly one of the best cities. This is simply because of all that is there. As for the location itself, plenty of upscale hotels and resorts are found up and down The Strip. This means you can usually choose anyone of them – and if you have the opportunity to upgrade to a suite, it will simply provide you with that much more room.

Before you settle down for the party itself, you might even want to hire private transportation in the form of a stretch limo to bring you up and down the strip, allowing for some once-in-a-lifetime sightseeing.

Inside of a hotel room or suite is the best option. You have plenty of room to set up a bar, have some fun, and play some music. The suites are obviously the best because you have more room and the area is out of the way of other hotel guests. This allows you to get rowdy and loud without having to worry about security being called to the room.

The Entertainment

No bachelor party is complete without some kind of entertainment. You’re an adult and therefore you don’t want a magician or any other “kiddie” entertainer showing up at your door. You or your buddy will be saying goodbye to being single and therefore there’s only one form of entertainment you should be considering – a stripper.

Inviting a stripper to the bachelor party in Vegas is simple. You can call a well known Vegas escort agency and request one (or more) escorts to show up to the party. Just identify who you want, when they need to show up, and what they should wear. They will show up and provide all of the entertainment you can handle.

Consider how amazing it will be to have your own private entertainment. An escort knows how to give the one-on-one attention that everyone desires. She will dance, provide strip teases, and be the sexy girl you want to see during a bachelor party. She knows how to keep everyone occupied, and when you don’t have to share her with those inside of a strip club, it makes it that much more exciting.

The Drinks & Food

The drinks are an important aspect to consider with a bachelor party. Whether it’s beer, wine, or hard liquor, it’s probably going to be consumed. You have to consider what is most convenient for you. Go to a bar or get what you need and bring it to the hotel room? A hotel room will allow you tap a keg or bring bottles so everyone makes their own drink.

The added benefit of drinking within a hotel room as opposed to a bar is that you don’t have to worry about a designated driver. Everyone simply gets to enjoy themselves and drink without having to worry about getting behind the wheel of a car. Should you decide to go anywhere, you can always call for private transportation, use was offered by the hotel, or request a taxi or Uber.

As for food, start off at a restaurant or keep the whole thing at the hotel room. You can rely on room service to bring you up wings and potato skins or even steaks. There’s always pizza delivery, too, so you stay within the budget that works best for all of you.

The Cost

The reality is that when it comes to a bachelor party, Vegas or anywhere else will be an expense. When you can go to Las Vegas, Nevada, it’s certainly going to provide memories for everyone involved, especially the groom. Well it’s nice to have one person pick up the tab for everyone, the reality is that most of the time, everyone contributes at least something.

Hiring escorts to provide the entertainment will be the more affordable option in comparison to going to the strip clubs. This is because more entertainment can be had. You’re not sharing the entertainment with dozens of other men. You also don’t have to spend a small fortune getting private lap dances and paying per song.

Additionally, you provide the location, which means you can bring in your own booze. If you choose to go to a strip club, you are spending the money on their alcohol – and that comes at a major expense. It’s much easier to visit one of the local liquor stores, get several bottles of your favorite drinks, and let everyone make their own as opposed to starting tabs across the bar.

Final Considerations

If you decide to have a bachelor party in Vegas, you need to make sure you give everyone sufficient notice. Especially if you aren’t within a short drive of Las Vegas, people are going to need to know in order to book flights or take time off from work. The last thing you want is for people to be unable to make it because you decided to announce where the bachelor party would be held at the last moment.

Let everyone you invite know what the expenses are going to be. This way, there is no confusion as to what their cost for the bachelor party will be. Generally, the best man will incur most of the expenses. However, when it comes to Vegas and hiring escorts, it’s not uncommon to ask everyone to pitch in. After all, everyone is going to benefit from the entertainment.

Virtually every man wants a bachelor party in Las Vegas, Nevada, whether he announces it or not. It’s considered the mecca for bachelor parties and is something that will be a memory for a lifetime. Plus, everyone knows that what happens in the city stays there.