Explore 6 Unusual Ideas for Your Birthday in Sydney

Sydney is a terrific destination for both the adventurer and the city lover. Its bustling life makes every trip exciting and memorable. If this is your choice for your birthday (or for someone dear’s), then you may want to have a look at the different ideas for an unforgettable party.

Make a grand entrance

Don’t be conventional – don’t just land in Sydney. Instead, choose to have a flight to one of its neighbouring cities and take a boat from there. Go sailing and enter the harbour city in style – it’s going to be totally memorable. You and your friends will be eagerly anticipating the moment and savoring every bit of the journey.

Get a naughty party planner

Naughty parties aren’t only for stag nights. Sydney hosts a great deal of party planners who can cater to your special day and bring in some really spicy elements. For example, you may get in contact with female strippers Sydney agencies or opt for a full service that provides sexy waitresses and animators. The agency can create a program for the event and make sure your guests are properly entertained.

Fly in a helicopter

Changing the perspective can make a world of difference. Viewing Sydney from above is exhilarating and lets you stare in awe at all of its lovely sights. Besides, when you’re in a helicopter, you’re actually able to watch it closely. Tours are available in the morning and in the afternoon and usually last about 20 minutes, taking you above the coastal landscapes, the beaches, the Harbour and the city itself. Treat yourself to the most spectacular panoramic views. However, note that a helicopter will not be able to host too many people – it’s a maximum of 3 passengers as a rule of thumb, so pay attention when you plan.

Get into the ocean pool

This is one of the Sydney landmarks and for a good reason. Situated on the famous Bondi Beach, the pool has a cheap entry fee and is only one step away from the waves of the ocean crashing onto the rocky shore. You may also opt for sauna or for a yoga class by the pool.

Hiking at the Royal National Park

There’s a quick and easy solution for anyone wishing to escape the city and indulge in outdoor adventures. It’s not all about hiking though, as the Royal National Park is good for a picnic, for swimming or cycling, too. Choose your activity and don’t worry about the distance, its only one hour’s drive from the city centre. To make the experience even more entertaining, take a ferry from Cronulla instead of the car.

Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Countless visitors, including international celebrities, have climbed up the magnificent bridge, to marvel at the Australian iconic sights down there. Benefit of a guided climb and take your entire group of friends. The whole experience lasts more than 3 hours and is totally worth it; you will be 134 metres above the actual harbour and you will get a photo and a certificate, too. At all times, professionals who will take care of every step will surround you.

Sydney offers unlimited opportunities for fun times and not all of these are conventional. Encourage your wild side to take control over your upcoming birthday experience and you might want to return for more.