Four ideas to spice up Christmas gifting

It’s that time of year again when present shopping is on the radar and plans are being made for Christmas. Cards to be sent and people to be hosted and another year of buying chocolates and wine for all the relatives. Perhaps the time has come to shake things up a little and to do something wilder and more exciting for Christmas – a festive season that will leave your friend and family talking for years to come. If you are short of ideas or options, here are a few ideas to help set you on the right path.

Spice up his life

Have you got an older father or uncle who is either a widower or single? Do they need some female companionship to help spice up their lonely, television-watching evenings? Then perhaps you owe it to them to arrange a date with an appropriately friendly older lady. Think of it as a match-making service on your part. Go online and type something along the lines of ‘mature escorts Sydney’ into a search engine. See what comes up and arrange a date. There don’t have to be any happy endings or nasty business at the end of it, it’s simply an opportunity to help somebody roll back the years and have a bit of fun. And who knows where it will lead?

Shoot a gun

We all get so tense and worked up these days, always focussing on the job and on family responsibilities that we never take proper time to chill out and blow off some steam. Now there are places that let you fire weapons. But not just simple hand-guns, machine guns like the AK-47. It is an absolute thrill offloading such a weapon, even if you are a sworn pacifist. It gives a great feeling of invincibility and allows you to indulge your Rambo or A-Team fantasies.

Air Balloons are awesome

There is something very special about air-ballooning. It is serene and regal and the sense of being up in the air, silently propelled on the breeze with no engine is really invigorating. It is also the sort of trip that can be shared with a few people. Sure, if the family is large they can’t all be crammed into the basket underneath the balloon, but it works for a smaller family unit or with a special loved one.

Get the adrenaline flowing

Have you got a relative or friend who used to be the life and soul of the party, but for whom the drudgery of everyday life has started to take its toll? If you do, then look to snap them out of the doldrums by gifting them something that will get their pulse racing again. We are talking bungee jumping of slack-lining or something along those lines. Even a tandem parachute jump is a good option. Don’t play into their spiral towards middle-aged mediocrity, by giving them chocolates or a bottle of wine, find that thing that will get the blood rushing and the adrenalin pumping and go on the experience with them. It’s not just a Christmas present it is also the gift of youth – enjoy giving it.