Friends with benefits

I continue hearing all the time recently the expressions “companions with advantages”. Presumably everyone caught wind of it, that sort of relationship where the two people included have a relationship unadulterated physical, without turning into a couple in the correct word. I generally solicited myself how this kind from assention truly functions, without emotions advance out.

        We all know how relationships start. From a simple flirt, because at the beginning that is all that it is, you can pick up that one that you noticed and you appeared as though am intriguing individual that you might want to meet. Furthermore, it is not all that hard like in some time spent with a person from a little flirt, love to find its way between you two. What I never understood is how you can separate feelings in such a manner that you don’t fall in love with the one you have only benefits from.

Of course that it exist shared opinions. And everything depends on each type of person that exists. You may think that usually only men go for this type of relationship, but you can be amazed. Women does it too and it happens very often. In many cases you can only like a person for his appearance, for his looks and the way he talks to you. But charming isn’t everything that women look at men and vice versa, and sometimes when you consider that your date doesn’t have what you search you may not want to engage in a relationship, but only to stop to enjoy him just in other ways. Or, there are the type of people that don’t want a true commitment just yet and they choose this type of affairs for not being alone.

Be also careful, because love, flirt are two different things and if you don’t know exactly how to separate them you may get hurt. If you are looking for the first one, you should definitely not engage in “friends with benefits” type of affairs because for sure you will suffer. You should make your priority straight and know for sure what your expectations are so that what you choose makes you happy. So go, flirt, enjoy every moment, but if you choose to have just benefits from someone, think carefully. Take care to not fall in love. There were cases in which both of the partners fell in love with each other and there were happy endings. But this doesn’t always happen so don’t enter with this thought in an affair because you may not like the ending. Things like this really happen and even movies were made regarding situations alike.