Fun Factory Vibrators: Couples Guide to Better Sex

Sex toys like the fun factory vibrators can add a whole new dimension to a couple’s sexual activity. In fact, some men are even surprised to know that vibrators can actually be utilized to make his penis aroused. Since vibrators have always been thought as a woman’s tool, men do not really imagine experimenting with these tools themselves. But with a bit of care and experimentation any couple can experience a whole new level of new vibrations. Below are some of the ways you can have so much better sex with the help of vibrators.

His and Hers

A couple who is interested to use fun factory vibrators may consider having two of these toys. This is best recommended if one or both of them wants to use vibrators for their anal stimulation. However, if they prefer to share just one device, they have to make sure that it’s cleaned after using it for stimulation and before it is utilized by each partner. Apart from doing this for hygiene reasons, using separate vibrators is also encouraged for the following reasons.

In case one partner has more experience in using a vibrator or dildo, then she or he might be prepared for a toy that is larger than the size of the so-called “newbie”.

Shape plays a role. There are some men who prefer an egg-shaped or round device to be rolled around his testicles and penis. On the other hand, one partner may want something that is penis-shaped. Those men who want to utilize the toy to massage his prostate can opt for a shaft-shaped device that has a curve to it that allows easy access to target.

Male options

Though the word vibrator often conjures up an image of a large penis, it comes in various sizes and shapes. Along with the traditional penis-shaped style, some of the common variations would include the following:

Penis ring vibrator – This one slips on top the penis or testicles and it looks like an ordinary penis ring and provides a good electro-stimulating effect.

Vibrating penis sleeves – it fits almost all of the shafts and offers and powerfully pleasurable stimulation through the glans and shafts.

Finger Vibrator – This fits over the finger to offer exceptional flexibility and easy movement.

Handheld devices – This often comes in egg-shaped or designed to fit in the palm of the hand. This is very useful in reaching those “hard to get to” places.

When it comes to choosing the right vibrators, you need to take your time as there are so many to choose from in the market. Since speed can be adjusted, you should work with your partner to find the speed that you find most pleasurable.