How Couples Are Using Spritzr To Play Matchmaker

Finding a significant other can be quite difficult. If you are in a happy, fulfilling relationship, you are likely to want your single friends to find the same. However, setting people up can be a stressful experience, both for the matchmaker and the potential new couple. Here is how you can help your friends find relationship bliss with a Couples Matchmaking app.

Register for the App: You and your significant other can register for the android matchmaking app or the iTunes matchmaking app– depending on your phone type- and mark yourselves “in a relationship”. This will ensure that you are not matched, and can only suggest a match for your friends. Once you register, you and your significant other can help your friends find matches.

Great Fun, Low Pressure: Getting set up can be awkward and nerve-racking. Introducing people at parties is great, but you need to make sure that everyone is in the same room at the same time. Even more potentially awkward for singles everywhere is going on a blind date. This app is a low-pressure game that sends suggestions for potential matches without the hassle of a blind date or the awkwardness of random introductions. The people you match will have the option of getting to know a bit about each other before committing to a date, or have the option of refusing the suggestion. This app also gives the potential couple at least one thing in common as they are both your friends.

Match Using Facebook: If you have a potential match for a friend who is not registered, you can always send the match using Facebook. The people you pair can decide whether or not to pursue the match.

Setting your friends up using Spritzr the matchmaking app is a fun, low stress way to help them find love. At the worst, the people you match can decide that you are wrong. If, however, the match works out, you have helped start a relationship.