How to Shop for Vibrators Online

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Let’s face it; not many of us have the guts to walk into an adult store and buy what we want. It can still be embarrassing, no matter how old we get. Possibly the most popular way to buy vibrators and dildos these days is online. There are so many online stores and individual sellers ready to deliver an indulgent sex toy directly to your doorstep in an unmarked package so no one can guess what you are up to. While shopping for dildos online is very convenient and even cost-effective, it’s not without certain risks. If you want to make a safe sex toy purchase online, here are several tips for shopping:

Find Speciality Stores

You can buy vibrators from sellers online on major e-retailers like Amazon and eBay. Some offer perks like free international shipping to Australia. However, be careful before you make a payment. If you want to ensure that you buy a high-quality product, it’s best to find a store that specialises in adult sex toys. It’s the best way to be sure that the products shown on screen are actually the product that arrives at the door. Because most people are just embarrassed to complain about vibrator purchases gone bad, dubious selling practices are rampant in this sector. With a speciality store, you can benefit from safe purchases and also a wide range of products. If you want to discover the best gay sex toys for men, then you will need to go to a store that exclusively caters such products. There are Australian adult stores online that locals can easily make purchases from.

Be Wary of the Labels

See a vibrator that is labelled silicone? Do note that sometimes bad materials like jelly rubber gets labelled as silicone online. You may not know until the product ends up delivered. Just to be sure, safe vibrator materials are hard like plastic. If it’s squishy or has a smell, then the material is rubber, which is permeable and dangerous. The best way to be sure that you end up with authentic silicon products is to buy from a reputed speciality store like mentioned above. These stores may have product guarantees and return policies that will protect your rights as a consumer. If you can’t return or get a refund from the seller, then don’t make the purchase in the first place.

Read Product Reviews

This happens all the time. You spend quite a bit of money on a toy with glowing on-site reviews only to end up with a disappointing purchase. It’s difficult to get an idea about the performance of a vibrator until you finally try it. Some products get over-marketed on websites. The best way to make sure you truly know what you are buying is to read unbiased customer reviews. Read product reviews on various stores and retail websites. For detailed reviews, check out adult blogs that review vibrators. Read as many reviews as possible to educate yourself about the pros and cons of aparticular product before you spend your hard-earned money.

And finally, make sure you understand the seller’s policies for returns, refunds, and shipping. You are buying a product for your intimate parts, so make sure you do your research well.