Learn About Pepper Spray And How To Use It For Self-Defense

Pepper spray is a common tool which is used for self-defense. Not only for self-defense, but it is also used for crowd control, riot control, policing, etc. It is a small bottle of spray which has several components if sprayed will cause irritation in the person’s eyes. This irritation leads to tears and pain and also there is temporary blindness that can be a moment of opportunity for a victim to escape.

People usually tell that you have to be ready with your safety measures to escape any of the discomfort or dangerous situation approaching you. Some of the safety gadgets which are important and you should carry them whenever you step out of your house include pepper spray. Many people do not know how to use pepper spray, but the use of pepper spray is really very easy, and the use of pepper spray is also permitted by the laws.

What are the effects of pepper spray?

Many people fear using pepper spray but the use of pepper spray is less than lethal and here we are discussing the effects of pepper spray.

  • Pepper spray works as an inflammatory agent, and it works in a direction that influences the mucous membrane in human eyes
  • The use of pepper spray is not just limited to men, but it is also used against animals like dogs and bears
  • The mucous membrane of nose, lungs, throat, and eyes inflames after the use of pepper spray
  • A person encounters running nose, also difficulty in breathing, pain, and tears in eyes, and coughing due to the use of pepper spray
  • The duration of the inflammation and the difficulties will remain accordingly to the strength of the pepper spray
  • If you talk about the average time effect of a pepper spray, then it lasts for about 25 to 90 minutes.

Severe effects of pepper spray

If we talk about the severe effects of pepper spray, then they can include temporary blindness for approximately 30 minutes and also cause burning sensation of the skin. The burning sensation of skin can last for more 30 minutes and can be of maximum 60 minutes. Due to the use of strong pepper sprays the upper body of a person’s spasms starts coughing. After the use of pepper spray, it gets difficult for a person to breathe and to speak for about 5 to 15 minutes.

A person who is suffering from diseases like asthma or if the attacker is on any reactive drugs, self-defense techniques including the use of pepper spray can be very risky and can sometimes be fatal for the attacker.