Most Common Mistakes Men Make During A Date

Dating is an art; we’ve spent centuries developing techniques and “secrets” for having the perfect date and conquering any woman we want. But, let’s face it, the reality is that not all women are the same and therefore, different strategies work for different women. This is something you need to have in mind and be attentive when dating a girl, so you know what moves to apply.

Nevertheless, there are some behaviors during dates that will DEFINITELY make you lose points with her. So, for helping you avoid these situations, we’ve listed the most common mistakes men make during dates.

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Acting Like Someone Else

Yes, you must look like you’re really interested at first, but take into consideration that if you’re planning on having more than one date, you’ll have to pretend to be this person you are not ALL the time. And trust us, that’s impossible, sooner or later she’ll find out who you really are and probably kill the magic.

Asking About Her And Then Showing No Interest

Just like the previous point, if you’re asking her to tell you about her life, make sure you’re sincere and genuinely interested, otherwise don’t ask, just take her somewhere busy and fun, because if there is something girls consider a “deal breaker” is that you ask her about herself and then ignore what she says. It sounds obvious, right? Well, it is! (this includes, of course, being at your phone all the time)

Talking About The Past

Asking her about her exes or talking about yours (girlfriends or adventures with Russian girls are taboo) won’t do any well for your date and if you’re talking bad about it WORST! She’ll imagine you’ll do the same with her and might feel self-conscious or simply disgusted. Only allow the past to enter the conversation if it’s strictly necessary.

Drink Too Much

Let’s face it, we all have fun when drinking a bit more than usual but this is NOT a great idea for first dates; we know you might be a little bit nervous and think that if you drink you’ll be more confident but don’t overdo it because you can end up embarrassing her and making her feel uncomfortable or leave.

Concentrate Only On Sex

Yes, women also love sex and if they’re really attracted to you, they’ll probably be also thinking about that moment but if you only pay attention to when or where she’ll be opening her legs for you, chances are that she’ll be offended or feel undervalued and you’ll end up alone with your hand.

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Try Too Hard

You don’t have to convince her to like you or that you match all her desires, trying too hard will only make you look desperate or fake and she definitely will be suspicion about it.

Saying “I Love You” Too Soon

Especially if you’re on the FIRST date, you don’t say “I love you” or any “future” plans or conversations unless you’re quite sure she feels the same or have a lot of time dating. Rushing will scare her away for sure! A great mistake.