Some Signs that You’re Just another Fling

Boys are hard to be judged. While you may be thinking of a deep and prolonged relationship he might merely be interested for a short course. In such a situation it is very important for you to judge if your dating partner is really serious about the relationship or if you are just another fling. If you determine these points right at the beginning you may not end up being a looser and you will have the every reason to cheers.

With this article we have come up with some points that will help you understand if your datinag partner is really serious about you or are you just an another fling.

He cancels or reschedules plans more than often- Mostly boys have plenty of girl friends in their list and they schedule their occasions accordingly. In other words we can say is that boys are mostly serial daters have a lot of girls on tab to keep track of, so if he accidentally scheduled in two girls for one night, he may cancel the one he thinks of low-priority with a silly excuse. If this is the situation you should be conscious that he is playing with your feelings and you are just another fling.

You’re always going out on his terms- While it is important to respect each other’s terms and feelings it is important to draw a line between real problems and artificially created situations. It may sometimes seem sweet that your partner is scheduling and planning all the dates and taking you out to places that he likes, but that’s a sign that he’s trying to hide something. You need to understand that you are always acting on his terms and conditions which may be detrimental for your relationship.

Thus it is important sometimes to put your terms and conditions to check if he is reciprocating the same. If he is not, chances are that you’re just another fling and you need to move on accordingly.

He moves fast into a comfortable relationship- Relationships and emotions take time to nurture and flourish. Same is the case here, both of you should spend significant amount of time knowing each other. But those boys who are serial daters don’t care much about the emotional part of the relationship and tend to move fast into a comfortable relationship like sex and romance. If you too find such a pattern of behavior in your partner it is time to take some tough decision.

He usually avoid taking you to his friends and family gathering- If your partner is serious about the relationship he may not shying away from introducing you to his family members, peers, and friends. But if he is doing just the opposite it means there are some grey areas which need to be scrutinized. If you are intending to enter into such a relationship and try to understand the nitty-gritty of relationships login for fling with the website These guys have put in some awesome write-ups that can help you understand this domain thoroughly.