The Right Etiquette to Enjoy a Thai Escort Service

There are millions of escorts in Bangkok who can render a mesmerizing enjoyable experience, but in order to maintain a good relation with them, you should have some knowledge about escort etiquette. As per the Thai escorts industry, there are some rules which are quite important while dealing with these women.

Making meeting arrangements

While few escorts will meet you at the public place for the first meeting, there are others that can directly approach right at your doorsteps. The escorts will first finish a drink with you and then get to their business. So, it is important to know about these meeting conditions of escorts from beforehand.

The meeting

Obviously, you should be clean and well-groomed! Be nice and cast a good impression on the girl. Make sure you do not consume alcohol or drugs. Once you get to know each other, you can relax. Behave like a gentleman to make her secure and happy. And in exchange, she will grant you the best pleasures that she could serve!


In-call facility

For an in-call business, you should be cautious. Do not give the details of the place to anyone else. When you visit the location, make sure you are respectful. Don’t show up without an appointment.

Out-call service

When booking Thai Escorts to visit your hotel room, it is best to provide her with a parking location. In order to render comfort and coziness, clean the area. Make sure you arrange for some beverages for the lady. Take shower with a little cologne and make yourself presentable.


Once the big day is over, you can thank the escort by writing a short note or calling her up and saying that you had a great time!!! But make sure you don’t follow up daily, as it will annoy her a lot!