Top 5 Blonde Sex Dolls

Indeed, this doll is breathtakingly beautiful. Realistic love doll allow every man to get a woman into bed, who usually plays outside of his league. Sex dolls serve a purpose alone – ​​to satisfy them. Whenever you want, wherever you want, however you want it. Silicone sex dolls feel very realistic due to new high-tech materials.

Luxury and premium

These dolls can boast the highest quality that you can buy for money. They are made by hand so that even the smallest detail will be to please the wishes of the client. These important additions, taken into account when creating dolls, will help you get a unique, gorgeous sexual experience. In addition, these toys can be made even more realistic by increasing the depth of the vagina and the size of the breast. Careful attention to even the most minor details when creating a doll make it really luxury sex toy. These sex dolls for men are made of high-quality silicone with the addition of platinum, which allows the material to acquire high strength. These dolls are of good quality product.

Dolls of an average price category

From a distance, a premium doll and a medium-priced doll are difficult to distinguish from each other. This is due to the fact that the whole difference lies in the nuances and small details, as well as in the quality of the materials used in the creation. Low-quality silicone and thermoplastic elastomer are the most commonly used materials for mini sex doll in this price category. These dolls also have a lower quality skeleton, which affects the stability of poses when having sex.

The simplest sex dolls

These dolls are small in size and will suit those who would like to keep their existence secret. Their maximum height varies around 90 centimeters, but it is this feature that allows the doll to have many pleasant qualities for its owner. The point is that they are very comfortable when it comes to sizing to your tastes. If you want to get the passion, feelings, romance, touch then this kind of doll would not be your perfect choice.

Fetish dolls

These dolls are selected for specific interests and preferences of the client, usually it is a flat or large chest, an imitation of a mature age or even dark skin color. The purpose of the fetish dolls is to satisfy the most sophisticated requests of the buyer and thus help him to selflessly enjoy his toy. Some sex dolls are made specifically for fans of fantasy. For example, right now dolls in the form of elves, vampires and anime sex dolls are very popular.

Alternative dolls

The so-called alternative sex dolls are perfect for those buyers who have a limited budget. One type of alternative doll is torso. This toy consists only of the chest, vaginal and anus, the parameters of which are selected upon purchase. Torsos are available for purchase in several variations of poses in which you would like to see your purchase.