Toys For A Night Of Pleasure With Your Partner

Having regular sex but getting neither pleasure nor a perfect orgasm? Ever had the feeling that she was unsatisfied with you? With finger tip vibrator, things will surely change for the better. 

What it does

A vibrator in the shape of a finger tip, it is a squirting sex toy which stimulates arousal to achieve squirting for the perfect orgasm. Squirting is the moment liquid overflows from the vagina, something that is not easily achieved. 

How it works

The fingertip vibrator has 15,000 vibrations a minute and is soundless in its use. Once fixed securely onto your index finger, use your free hand to hit the ‘on’ switch located at the tip of the vibrator. After insertion, move the vibrator up to locate the G spot – also known as the sex spot of your woman, with ease.

This product is a G spot stimulator, vibrating this sex toy at the G spot will cause an increase in arousal almost instantly. The faster it vibrates, the more pleasure it gives and the faster a woman reaches her climax to squirt.

More power more pleasure

Also, this sex toy uses three batteries, more than the average vibrator – guaranteed to last longer to give you a more pleasurable time and might just be the difference behind a memorable time in bed! The product comes with a clear detailed visual guide in English that guides you through the process of fixing the toy onto your finger and where you should be inserting the vibrator to locate the G Spot quickly and efficiently.

When should you use it

Making for great fore play before sex; the finger tip vibrator is entirely made up of silicone, fully malleable into different angles and fits. It is fully waterproof, anti-allergenic and carries all required certification worldwide so that you can be confident in the product’s safety. Easily cleaned and washable, this allows you to maintain good hygiene regardless the number of times it is used. So rest assured in its quality and give the fingertip vibrator a go! You will not be disappointed! 

Currently alone, feeling grumpy and in need of a sex fix as well? This product is not only for men but for all you single ladies out there as well! No need for a physical partner for you to experience pleasure. Do it yourself and feel the difference that it makes in your life!