What single women think about love

There comes a time in life when each one of us has to get married and after a while, start a family. If you get to an age and these things delay to happen there always will be someone that will not stop asking when that time will arrive. When it comes to marriage, I always hear the same expression “you must get married because you have to be among others”. From my point of view, to feel good every day you just have to do what you feel and what suits you, without thinking to what others do or like, because not all of us share same desires. And this is valid also if your plans for the future are to live alone or to live with someone without being married. When it comes to men it doesn’t matter if they get married even at their 40’s, but when it comes to women is like we have a clock that is ticking. Single women can be happy if they choose such a life, too.


            Depending on the age they have, women are classified differently. For example, a girl under 13 or 14 years old is too young to go out with boys, a teenager of 15 or 16 years old should focus more on education than on relationships because school is important and going out with boys could divert their attention. The next phase is up to 18 years when girls can have relationships and future plans that includes later marriage and also a family. No one could ever say what is the right age to start thinking about a family, because each women feels when the time comes and when she found her match. But if you’ve already passed 30 years and you’re still alone, most people will make different ideas about the reasons why you are not already taken. Maybe you are a difficult person to live with or who knows what issues you have. I have a friend that is 36 years old, still single. She travels all over the world and always with one of her lady friends. One day I asked her if is not difficult for her to be alone most of the time; because she dates, but she never went far with no one. And she told me the following: “Maddie dear, you know me. I’ve worked for so many years and I’ve tried so hard to be an independent woman, that for a long time I didn’t even thought to make a family. You know that I have dates, I also find different guys on dating websites, is not like I don’t enjoy men. I’m full of life, I like to travel, I like everything is beautiful. But I have a house, a car, a nice job and I can do whatever I want and when I want. And for me, to have someone that even try to change a little bit from what I am used to do, is not ok. I feel bad only when I need to travel and none of you can join me. Don’t worry honey, my time will come! So is my prince charm.”

Woman On Laptop With Legs On Window

Woman On Laptop With Legs On Window

            So, as you can see, there isn’t nothing wrong to be single. Is wrong to be unhappy. So you do whatever makes you happy, because love will come eventually.