What you need to know before dating online: Tips for beginners

You fall in love and everything is wonderful. You get to know each other, you learn to love each other and you start to live together. Miles are set and reached and it just seems to go uphill. But at some point reality will catch up with you. Everyday life is knocking on the door and the common path is increasingly becoming a lonely path. You do not see each other. At least not as it used to. And you start to be alone with two. Why this is so, what helps there and what options one has to prevent this? There are some tips before choosing Russian dating site.

Tips for beginners

  • Create meaningful, honest profile with authentic photo
  • Regularly send individual contact requests
  • Do not wait too long with the first date

Tips for advanced

  • Send honest cancellations and do not get too personal
  • Make notes about contacts and successful communication
  • Identify and avoid potential dangers such as fraud in good time

Phase 1: Infatuation

You get to know each other and everything is perfect. You see the best in your partner are blown away. You make an effort, want to present yourself from the best side and give joy to others. One grows together and gives love and relationship at this stage the basis for their later permanence.

Phase 2: Disillusionment

The exuberant feelings evaporate and the intoxication of being in love diminishes. The opposite seems to be rather a stone and not a diamond and that provides in everyday life a lot of fuel for disputes. The initial euphoria gives way and one is initially disillusioned. That in turn gives a lot of reason for separation.

Phase 3: Overcoming the distance

If you decide to go through these hardships and work on the problems with the other one you will inevitably often frustrate each other. The point of surrender will come again and again. Those who do not leave now have created a foundation that has the potential to last until the end of their lives.

Conclusion: The Revolution

What is normal? How do others feel? Are you just hard that you find your partner boring? Why are you arguing so often? Is that still normal? A new perspective of clarifying conversations is needed on yourself, your partner and the relationship. You should remember what you did together, in whom and why you fell in love. Often you will find that the person you fell in love with and the one you do not share your bed with are not the same. You have changed yourself over the years as well. People grow, restructure and change over the years. One should also differentiate between type and character.