Why I prefer a gay male escort

Out of all the different types of male escorts, I always go for the gay male escorts. I will tell you the reason why and believe me, if you take time to ponder on this, you may ditch all other male escorts for gay.

First off, I have a boyfriend who I love so much and would not share him with anyone for any price. The problem however is that he is always not around. He comes back from this country and the next minute he is in another for one business or the other. I know he is trying his best to be there for me but most of the decisions are not his to make, he is just following orders. It is not always easy for me to cope with his absence. You know how wanting the female system can be.Image result for Why I prefer a gay male escort

I decided to use a male escort in his absence. I hope he never finds out. It is a very tempting thing to do, I know. That is why I hire only gay male escorts. I am not a lesbian or bisexual. Since my male escort is gay, I do not have to worry about falling in love with him. I really love my boyfriend and will never want any man to come between us.

The second reason may seem kind of awkward but it is a good enough reason for me. My boyfriend is in his late fifties and I am in my early twenties. Believe me, he is damn too romantic and caring more than all the young guys I have ever dated. The only problem is that sometimes I crave for the company and touch of a younger guy. Gay male escorts fit into this puzzle perfectly because I am sure we will never get overboard.

I also noticed over time that gay male escorts have very tender touch compared to the straight ones. They are usually more romantic in their actions and words. I am a sucker for romance and ever since I noticed these glaring differences, I have stuck to gay male escorts like glue. Having a gay male escort around the house feels to me like having another lady with me – just that this one has a better attitude.

Gay male escorts just know how to keep things professional. This a necessary quality that every male escort should build if they are to have a successful career as male escorts. Unfortunately, the straight and the bisexual male escorts easily slip from this professionalism and begin to date their clients. The moment they begin to date their client, it means one less customer which will ultimately result in a decline of income on their part.

Gay male escorts are also fewer in number compared to the other male escorts. The few around are not totally integrated into every society. They must work hard to prove themselves in most cases. The extra efforts they usually put into their duty is the reason why their services are exceptional.

There are other qualities I have noticed among gay male escorts which I still can’t find the right words to use and describe them but if you have hired a gay male escort before, you will easily understand what I am saying. I am still hoping that schedule will become a little lighter for my boyfriend soon but in the meantime, I think I will stick with gay male escorts for emotional relief.