Why People Seeking Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby?

You may heard about sugar daddy and sugar baby before, you may just a sugar seekers and sugaring now. Have you thought about why people seeking sugar relationship? Why they choose to be a sugar daddy or sugar baby? Just for money or for sex? Then it would has no difference from escorting or prostituting, so I’d give you some interesting point about why sugar seekers choose this kind of lifestyle and the reasons they sugaring.

Why do You Want to be a Sugar Baby?

#Money Matters a Lot

It’s not trading your body for money, sugar relationship just help you find a proper man who can give you financial support, college tuition sponsored, bill payer, and etc. You know what kind of company he or she wants, not only sex here, but friendship or sweet companionship as well, then you know that you can give them what they want so that you use these ‘sugars’ to exchange money, aka allowance we used call it.

The most group of sugar baby is college sugar babies according to the users report of Sudy, one of the biggest sugar daddy website and app around the world, “Among Sudy users, Sugar Babies with an identity of student account for nearly half of all Sugar Babies with a proportion of 44%. These students are the largest Sugar Baby Group, followed by models, nurses and saleswomen.”—Sugar Babies’ Occupations Report. They are students still and they don’t want to lose the time for neither degree or making money for living. So they turn to be a sugar baby which they can choose who they want to accompany and what kind of relationship they can live with.

And many sugar babies need money to maintain or improve the quality of their life, such as single mothers become sugar babies to make a living, single mom will be very tired and under large pressures to raise a baby and take good care themselves as well.

#New Experience

People live the different life, and people would be hard to change their life. Sugar relationship is a good and safe way for those ambition people who want to know more high-class people to have mentors or seek for resources, which is good for their career and life. More specifically, the material girls can live a luxury life that they always want without more extra works.

In addition, sugar relationship is indeed a shortcut for many people getting new experiences no matter in dating(part of sugar daddies) or lifestyle(sugar babies). Mostly people won’t push the opportunities of making friends with new people away especially they are good for their life.

Interesting thing that one of real sugar daddy users of Sudy said that he didn’t want to become a sugar daddy actually, but why? Because he were always a sugar daddy lol. It started by taking care of the younger girls in grade school. Sharing small gifts to favorites girls. “Always making certain they were good and happy. It evolved from that to who I am today.” Said from this cute gentleman, according to his answer on Sugar Talk, where you always can find interesting answers from various sugar seekers around the world.