You Want Your Ex-boyfriend? This is How You Actually Can Get Back With Him

If your ex-boyfriend has already realized that breaking up with you is a terrible thing then it is great otherwise it is your job to make him feel so. He should really feel pathetic for letting you go back then. This would be the very first step you need to do if you want to get back with your ex-boyfriend. Let me warn you you won’t get him back in your life just by threatening him or even stalking.  But yeah, making him remind those memorable times you had with each other. And making him anticipate how beautiful life could be if you stand next to him.

Of course, this ain’t going to happen just like that. It needs some drastic changes in your life too.

Forget everything and give a good 20 to 30 seconds of thought to the below-mentioned questions and try to be honest since it is about your new relationship.

What exactly went wrong in your relationship?

Is it you or him?

What exactly your ex-boyfriend did not like about you being together?

What is that particular thing that you would change if you got back with him?

What did your ex-boyfriend love about your relationship?

What exactly did you like the most in your relationship?

Is something preventing your love in the relationship? If yes, then what is it that stopped your relationship from growing further?

Did you try your best in making your relationship work to its best?

Give a thought to the above-mentioned questions and do not be too crucial if either yourself or your ex-boyfriend. The emotional crap of arguing and blaming each other will take either of you nowhere. After answering the questions you might now have understood what exactly went wrong in your relationship and how you are going to get it back.

Your relationship ain’t a washing machine or air conditioning to give you guarantee that you will definitely get back with your ex-boyfriend or win him back. It is a 90% probability that you can get back to him by following the tips and tricks. Who knows? Miracles do happen.

What is that particular thing that made you guys fall for each other?

What made you feel connected with each other?

There should be something that made your ex-boyfriend fell in love with you.

Did that charming thing disappear?

Either of you took each other for granted?

Did you guys leave your relationship status on autopilot mode?

All these questions not for my sake these are for you so that you can find and understand what went wrong in your relationship and determine what to do further.

Hit his head against the wall and throw him in the trunk of your car and drive to a place where no one can see? Well, this might sound a little adventurous but let’s not get into that will try something subtle.

So it’s now time to get your ex back into your life. Wondering how? Well, here what you need to do.

Seeing other guys who cannot match his qualities and standards can make you go crazy. Every coffee shop or a restaurant can remind you of your relationship with your ex and often finding yourself comparing the person you are saying to your ex can make you feel even worse.

  1. Find out what mistakes you did

Before you do anything to get back with your ex, you first need to understand the cause of your break up. Find out which of your mistakes led to your break up with your ex-boyfriend and then change those qualities or things. I understand that changing is not easy but it is, however, important if you want to get back with your ex-boyfriend and your relationship to be a better one. Unless you change yourself or the qualities that your ex-boyfriend didn’t like in you, you might keep getting the same kind of outcomes.

So first determine which of your mistakes messed up your relationship with your ex-boyfriend and work on them. It could be anything whether it is your demanding nature or controlling behavior.

  1. Initiate contact with your ex-boyfriend

Once you have realized what sort of relationship mistakes you did, it is now time to actually get back in touch with your ex-boyfriend in case it’s been a month or probably years since you saw each other. This step still applies even it’s just been not more than a couple of weeks he broke up with you because every bit of your emotion is still new and fresh.  So regardless of the time frame days months or years, you cannot just get back with him to start where you left off.

You might be thinking that a one night stand could help you get back with him but let me warn you it is an absolutely wrong choice. Initially, everything may seem a little overwhelmed but once you are over with this it may leave you to feel pathetic about yourself. Even if he messed up your whole relationship and he is the reason behind your breakup, even then you shouldn’t make it that simple for your ex-boyfriend to get back with you let him realize the value of your relationship and you.

  1. Never ever take anything for granted

When you finally got the confidence that your ex-boyfriend will get back to you and then all of a sudden you take everything for granted and that’s what it will mess up your relationship again. You’ll get back to the position where you once were in your relationship separated.

So don’t fall into that cage of imagination. All that is good for now and in the future. But in reality, things may not be just that fine. So, stick to the changes what you made in yourself because generally when people get back together with their ex-boyfriends or girlfriends tend to go back to their own lifestyle or old way of living. That is because they did not change in real. It was a mere mask.